Krampus Barrel Aged (WHEAT Bourbon Infused)

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This Costa Rican coffee is stored in a freshly dumped wheat bourbon barrel and is aged for 6 weeks, being rotated once a week. Then is roasted burning off all alcohol content but leaving the smell and sweet taste of bourbon behind.  

The Feast of St. Nicholas is on the morrow,

But this eve's one of dread and sorrow.

Tis Krampus! And he's a 'coming.

His feet stamping a dreadful drumming.

With clanging chains and foul breath,

With sharp horns and the stench of death.

With glowing eyes and many a bells

That rings of things to dark to tell.

So hold your sweet little ones dear

And pray that they've been good this year.

For if their behavior is deemed to lack,

Then Krampus shall put them into his sack.